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official PERFORMERS of 2018

Jack Frost-Cavalier (Des Moines, IA)  photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Jack Frost-Cavalier (Des Moines, IA)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

LoZar Blewz (Davenport, IA)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Trigga Frost-Sanchez (Des Moines, IA)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Dix Artiste (Philadelphia, PA) and Teddy (Des Moines, IA)

photo credit: Phillip Harder

Kade Lovewell (Des Moines, IA)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Jax (Minneapolis, MN)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Switch the Boi Wonder (Chicago, IL)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Miles Long (Tulsa, OK)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Joey D (Iowa City, IA)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

K.James (Brooklyn, NY)

photo credit: Garrett Cornelison

Spikey Van Dykey (Sarasota, FL)  Photo Credit: Garrett Cornelison

Spikey Van Dykey (Sarasota, FL)

Photo Credit: Garrett Cornelison


We are drag king dsm


Drag King DSM (DKDSM) is a 9-year-old event where dollar bills fill the air and the Kings reign supreme on stage for a night! DKDSM is a production of talent  known for its unique ability to strip the art of drag performance to it's very core and bare bones, a theatrical show of excellence.

The event brings the masses together to celebrate individuality. DKDSM has transcended gender, age, and sexual identity boundaries. Performers come from diverse backgrounds and range in age from their early 20's to one of the crowd favorites "Teddy," an 80 year old grandmother. DKDSM supports artistry and performance no matter who you are, how you identify, or where you come from.

From it's humble beginnings of a 100 person turn out to now sell out crowds, DKDSM has more than doubled in attendance year over year. It is a socially and culturally relevant event in the 515, which has brought in talent from Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Austin, Sarasota, Tulsa, Omaha and all over the state of Iowa.

photo credits: Jami Milne 



Check out here for the latest information and news for DKDSM.


photo credit: Stefan Egeberg Hansen

01.04.19 | DKDSM @ Capital city pride


DES MOINES, Iowa --  Drag King DSM is excited to announce they will be returning for another HUGE show at Capital City PRIDE on Saturday, June 8, 2019 @ Wooly’s! It will be all ages and more information will be announced in the coming months! Mark your calendars as last year’s show was beyond epic with us packing in almost 700 people!

01.01.19 | des moines storytellers

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Creator and Executive Producer Jennifer Carruthers (Jen C) was asked to participate in the Des MOines Register’s Storytellers event Blended: Cultures mixing, changing and thriving in Iowa last year. If you did not catch it live, on TV, online or in the paper then you should check it out now! She talks through her personal journey with drag and how it helped find who she is today but more importantly it helped her to create Drag King DSM.

Check it out, Giving Gender Roles the Middle Finger!


Lauren Hickman and Kevin Thomas McCarthy join Jen Carruthers for a photo after the event.

12.29.18 | Happy holidays from dkdsm

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Drag King DSM Family is wishing you a very merry holiday season and a happy new year! We are so grateful for you all making 2018 another one to remember for DKDSM as we have a lot to be thankful for! We did our first PRIDE and all ages show @ Wooly’s packing in almost 700 people, it was wild, crazy but mostly amazing! When we thought the show could not get any bigger, it did! The end of year show saw performers in from 7 states and 9 cities that did an unreal 30 performances, which is the biggest yet! And if that wasn’t enough, we did a pop up show at the Garden later that night and it was packed! We embarked on a whole new journey by trying our hand at Brunch the following day right back at the Garden where we ended our evening the previous night! It was a good turnout, small but one we were very pleased with and the food from Bubba was so good! From the bottom of our hearts, we can not thank you all enough for the continued support and love of Drag King DSM!



 Sponsorship from the following businesses is what makes Drag King DSM possible. we can't thank our community friends enough for all the love and support over the years!



| HELLO NEIGHBOR | Americana | Dapper DSM |

| Blazing SaddleSAZERAC | EPHEMERA | Wooly's |

photo credit: Joe Crimmings

photo credit: Joe Crimmings

Jen C

Creator | Founder | Executive Producer

Jen Carruthers was a part of the talk show called Lez Talk and the event Drag King DSM (DKDSM) was born in 2010. After the show disbanded in 2012, she saw the need for DKDSM to continue giving visibility to Kings and has grown it 6 times its' original size. Her dream was to make it one of the largest Drag King events in the country and it is now the largest scale all King show in the US. She will continually try to bring in some of the best talent this country has to offer and give Kings a large stage and platform that is just as much deserving as their Drag Queen counterparts. Jen C loves DKDSM because it's one night out of the year that one of the most diverse crowds show up, support one another, respect each other's individuality and there is an overwhelming sense of community and love NOT judgment.

photo credit: Jami Milne

photo credit: Jami Milne

Vivette perry

Front of House Manager | Co-Producer

Vivette is excited to return to Drag King DSM for the 5th year. She worked as co-producer, creative consultant, and performer for Fresh Breath Productions. Ms. V has an extensive creative performing arts background and also has a 200 hour RYT that allows her the enjoyment of teaching yoga. Vivette loves the togetherness and love that Drag King DSM brings. There is always an amazing electricity in the air!


photo credit: Phillip Harder

photo credit: Phillip Harder

marnie strate

Back of House Manager | Co-Producer

Marnie is thrilled to be joining the production staff of Drag King for the 3rd year. She was seen on-stage the first year as Justin Cyder and we stole her to manage the stage production.  Marnie is an active member of the Des Moines Theater community, having most recently performed in Open Door Rep's Lungs. When she's not involved with performing arts, she can be found producing videos, hosting trivia, or hanging with the world's best dog. Marnie loves Drag King DSM because it brings some of the nation's top-tier talent to Des Moines for an event unlike anything else in the area!